Now that you've installed Create by Mediavine, it's time to set it up for use on your WordPress site. 

In WordPress, navigate to Settings on the left side of the browser, then click on Create by Mediavine. 

Next, update the following settings to your preferences:


Choose a Theme

Default: Simple Square
Select the recipe card theme. The images will give a rough preview of the theme, but your WordPress site’s theme will make some adjustments that differ from the preview image.

Just click on the theme you'd like to choose, and it will highlight in Teal. Settings save automatically. 

Aggressive Button Css

If your styling on your site isn't working well with our card, you can select this option to force a generic button style. For use if things aren't looking the way you expect them to. 

Photo Ratio

Default: 16:9

This is the aspect ratio of the photo that will display on your site. The 16:9 ratio is a standard widescreen TV size, while a 4:3 ratio is an older full frame TV size. 1:1 is a square image.

Note: The selected recipe card theme can override the selected photo ratio. An example is that the Classy Circle theme requires a 1:1 ratio, square, image.

Pinterest Button Location

Default: Top Right
This is the location for the Pinterest button. You can disable the button, or have it display on the top left or right of the recipe card. If you select “Inside Top Right” or “Inside Top Left,” the button will not extend past the card’s boundaries, as some themes may cut off the button.

Force Uppercase

Default: Checked By default, recipe cards show some pieces of text as all-uppercase, which for certain typefaces may not be desired. Uncheck this to remove the forced uppercase text.

Note: Other WordPress themes may override this setting with their own stylesheets

Aggressive List CSS

If your theme is removing the bullets and numbers from lists, check this box to correct it in your Create card.



This setting will allow you to turn off the autosave feature in your Create Card. Not suggested unless you are having issues and are told to disable this.

Disable Enhanced Search

If your search isn't working correctly, or is pulling results you don't expect, check this box and see if it corrects the issue.

Default Access Role

Default: Administrator
This is the WordPress User role that is required to create and edit recipes. If you are the only one managing your site, feel free to leave it at Administrator. 


Disable Reviews

This allows you to disable review support on your recipe card. NOT SUGGESTED AS GOOGLE WANTS REVIEW DATA AS PART OF THE SCHEMA.

Disable Nutrition



Ad Density

Control the density of your Mediavine ad placement in your recipe card. You can choose from the following:

Single Ad – Display one single ad in the card
Low – Supports more than one ad in the card when the instructions allow for it, spaced at low density settings.
Medium – Supports more than one ad in the card, spaced at low density settings.
Normal – Maximum levels of ad insertion for extra long cards with long instructions and/or photos included in the instructions. Meets CBA-guidelines for ad density. Best for maximum earnings and LONG recipe content.

Default: Normal
Depending on the amount of text in your recipe’s instructions, more ads will be added. The setting allows you to have more or fewer ads displayed within the instructions.

Note: This option will only display if the Mediavine Control Panel plugin is installed and enabled. 

If you are an active Mediavine publisher and you have any questions about Create by Mediavine, please reach out to All other users, please visit the WordPress page.

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