Adjusting your in-content frequency will differ depending on which type of in-content logic you are using. You can see what kind you have enabled by visiting your Dashboard Settings area, and looking at the In-Content Ads tab. 

If you have Screen View In-Content Logic enabled, your Mediavine script wrapper will automatically place your in-content ads using screen views as the measurement.

A screenview is the height of the viewable screen or browser. The logic spaces in-content ads throughout your post, taking into account the size of the device.

How does the screenview logic work? 

Our script always complies with the strict ad policy of Google AdExchange, which serves 50-60% of our ads across Mediavine. Per Google's policy, the screen view logic will never show more than one in-content ad in one screen view. 

Also, the in-content ads will never interrupt a paragraph; they will only place between paragraphs and photos. 

What happens if I change the frequency? 

The dashboard defaults to a "Normal" setting, which is one ad per screenview. Changing the setting to "Low" or "Very Low" will result in fewer ads and lower RPMs. 

How do I change my frequency?

At any time, you can adjust the in-content ad frequency for both desktop and mobile right in your Mediavine dashboard, under Ad Settings. Once you make your selections and save, it updates immediately on your site. 

Choose between the following spacing settings: 

  • Normal — 1 screenview spacing
  • Low — 1.5 screenview spacing
  • Very Low — 2.0 screenviews spacing

Advanced in-content rules: 

You can also adjust where in your content ads will display if you are running a WordPress site. The dashboard defaults to "Run in-content ads anywhere," which offers the most flexibility, but you can also choose to run them "only after text paragraphs" or "only between text paragraphs." 

Important notes: 

  • Unless you write lots of short paragraphs in a row, these settings can affect your income and your RPM. 
  • Do NOT change this if you run SquareSpace, Blogger and other CMSes that do not utilize paragraph tags.

Can I change my frequency on just one page of my site?

Yes! You can do that from the Disable Ads tab of your Settings. This will generate an HTML code that you can insert into the text/HTML editor of your blog post. 

This will adjust frequency for that page only, and is not intended for site-wide changes. (If you intend to change your settings site-wide, please use the Ad Settings instructions above.) 

1. In your settings area, click on the tab titled "Disable Ads."

2. Scroll down to "Page Level Settings."

Make your selections to adjust in-content ad frequency. To disable in-content ads completely on that specific page, make sure to check the boxes for "in-content desktop ads" and/or "in-content mobile ads." 

3. Set the date you would like the block to expire. 

The default time period is 60 days, which is the ideal time frame in our opinion when advertisers and brands will no longer check your site for ads. 

Continue to Step 4 to complete the process. 

4. Copy & paste the code into your blog post. 

Once you've selected these items, copy the code generated at the bottom of the page, and past it directly into the source code using the HTML / code section of your editor on the page you want ads disabled. 

IMPORTANT: Do not use tool for site-wide changes. It can damage your ability to earn income.

You should only have one Disable Ads code per page. If you are updating settings, please remove the existing code, and replace it with a new code. 

You can also place this code inside widgets, template files, etc. As long as this HTML appears anywhere on page, your ads will be removed, but at the bottom of the post is the suggested placement. 

5. Save your blog post!

If you have CBA In-Content Logic enabled, we will intelligently space your in-content ads using the CBA guidelines that state that ad content can not be more than 30% of the total page height. 

The CBA In-Content Logic works by measuring the entire length of your content, and then only placing enough ads inside to fill the % of the total content you have chosen for your site's ad density. The default is 30% on mobile and 25% on desktop. The logic will then space them through the post with a minimum of 2 paragraphs between ads. 


The new CBA logic comes with its own set of frequency, spacing, and limit controls for both mobile and desktop. You can adjust these as necessary.
CAUTION: Decreasing ad density will also decrease your RPM. 


By default, ads on desktop and mobile will be spaced at least 2 paragraphs apart in your content. This can be adjusted from 1 to 3 on both mobile and desktop. 

CAUTION: Increasing ad spacing will give you fewer ads in your content. This will mean lower earnings and RPM.


Mobile and desktop ad limits are set independently of one other. Our recommended setting is "None". This will allow our logic to automatically limit the ads based on your density settings. If you would like to further limit the total number of ads allowed in-content per post, you can do so using these settings. This can be helpful for sites with EXTREMELY LONG content where there are a significant number of posts over 2000 words long and including several long photos. 

If you have any questions, email us anytime at or use the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen! We're here and happy to help!

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