Adjusting Your In-Content Ads

How to change the frequency of in-content ads on your site

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In-content Ad Settings can be found in your Dashboard > Settings > In-Content Ads.

Before Adjusting, Understand How Your Ads are Placed

Mediavine In-Content Ads are placed using Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) standards.

Mediavine is a member of the Coalition for Better Ads, a group dedicated to improving the online advertising experience. Other members include Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

CBA standards dictate that in-content ads can never exceed 30% ads to 70% content based on the height of your content. The Mediavine script places your in-content ads based on these standards. That means that even if you turn your in-content ad settings all the way up, you'll still be within CBA standards -- standards that were created with user experience in mind.


  • 28-30% Mobile Ad Frequency

  • 2 Paragraph Minimum Spacing

  • Optimized for Content Length


Decreasing mobile frequency will reduce the number of in-content ad slots available to fill on mobile. Increasing mobile frequency will increase the number of in-content ad slots available. Increasing frequency will increase impressions which also increases revenue and RPM.

Keep in mind that because frequency is based on the height of your content, the number of ad slots will vary based on the length of your content on a per-post basis.


A "paragraph" is not a traditional paragraph, but rather refers to how the Mediavine script wrapper reads the HTML of your content. Paragraphs in terms of where ads can be placed includes the following elements: <p>, <H>, <image>

Increasing ad spacing will decrease the number of ad slots available to fill, which will reduce impressions, effectively lowering revenue and RPM. Decreasing ad spacing will increase impressions, raising revenue and RPM.


Setting an ad limit dictates the maximum number of in-content ad slots that can appear on long form content.

Because the script wrapper intelligently places ads based on the chosen frequency, it's not necessary to set a limit. Choosing Optimized for Content length means that ads will be placed based on your chosen frequency and paragraph spacing all the way to the end of the post. Setting a limit means that long form content may not be monetized until the end.

Optimized for Content length is the best option for revenue and RPM.


  • 20-25% Desktop Ad Frequency

  • 2 Paragraph Minimum Spacing

  • Optimized for Content Length

Desktop Ad Frequency, Desktop Ad Minimum Spacing, and Desktop Ad Limit settings all function in the same fashion as the mobile settings.


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