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Social Sharing Buttons and the Adhesion Ad Unit
Social Sharing Buttons and the Adhesion Ad Unit

How to remove social sharing buttons so they don't conflict with the Mediavine adhesion ads

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Some social sharing plugins place their sharing buttons behind the Mediavine adhesion unit. 

It's important to keep the adhesion unit in front, as covering up any part of an ad with something else can be an ad policy violation. 

Here's how to adjust the placement on common social platforms:

Social Warfare

In the example below, the adhesion unit covers the buttons from Social Warfare: 

To turn these buttons off or adjust them so they appear at the top of your pages/posts, use the below Display settings within your Social Warfare plugin for WordPress: 


On mobile, SumoMe's footer share buttons push our mobile adhesion over the content, causing a Google policy violation.

To solve this, disable the mobile share buttons, or opt for a placement on the side or top of your mobile site. 

To fix this, you need to change the buttons' location to the top of the page on mobile. Here's where you can make this change in your SumoMe settings: 

  1. Go to the SumoMe Settings area

  2. Visit My Apps

  3. Go to Extras

  4. Go to Share

  5. Choose Layout

  6. Click the top bar of the mobile screen until it turns blue.

  7. Click the bottom bar until it turns white.

  8. DO NOT CLICK THE GEAR ICON. This will take you to the upgrade page. You don't need to upgrade to adjust positioning.

  9. Click the Save button at the bottom 


Navigate to your Shareaholic Cloud Settings in WordPress and click on Apps.

Scroll down to Floated Share Buttons under the Social section and click the Settings button.

For Desktop, choose a side layout. 

For Mobile, choose a top layout. 

To turn these Shareaholic buttons off entirely, toggle off the Floated Share Buttons. 


Navigate to your WordPress Admin. Hover over Hubbub in the left menu and if you have the sticky social share bar active then you will see a link to its settings. Under the Display Settings section, you will see two drop-downs: one for its desktop position and one for its mobile position.

For each setting, you’ll select Top:

Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

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