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Ads.txt is 404 page

Is your /ads.txt file 404'ing? Here is what you can do to correct it.

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Do you have the Mediavine Control Panel plugin installed, activated, and fully setup?


If your site is on WordPress, we encourage the use of the Mediavine Control Panel plugin. Once installed and configured, it will attempt to keep your ads.txt file updated with any changes to stay in compliance.ย 


Sometimes web hosts implement extra security measures that prevent our plugin from saving a file to the proper location. When this happens, you will continue to see an error when visiting <website>/ads.txt. You can contact your host to see if they can alter the settings on your server. If they cannot, the file will need to be manually uploaded to your site's root directory instead (instructions below).ย 

If you are running Sucuri, please follow these instructions in Sucuri to set ads.txt as a non-cache URL.


If you use a managed webhost, you can probably provide them with the ads.txt file downloaded in Step 1 (below) and ask them to take care of the rest of the process. If you would like to DIY, continue onto Step 2 - 5.ย 

  1. Download the latest version of your ads.txt file from the Ad Setup tab of your dashboard.

  2. Using an FTP client or cPanel, connect to your web host.

  3. Upload the ads.txt file to the root directory of your website (usually called public_html or www).

  4. Clear any active cache through WordPress and/or your web host.

  5. Visit <website>/ads.txt to ensure the file uploaded successfully. You should no longer see a 404 error on that page.

Please let us know when your ads.txt file has been updated so we can ensure everything looks good on our end as well. This file will need periodic updates as we add and remove partners. We'll make sure and notify you when this needs to be updated.

If you would like any assistance to get the ads.txt file updated, we are more than happy to help! Please email for more information or for help!

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