Our video player is meant to be supplemental to YouTube, so we still encourage you to upload your videos to your YouTube channel as well as embedding the Mediavine video player into your posts. 

However, you can still drive subscribers to your YouTube channel by connecting your channel in your Mediavine dashboard. 

Once connected, a screen like this will display at the end of the video: 

1. Find your "YouTube Channel ID."

You can find this ID number under in your advanced account settings of YouTube. 

The Channel ID is a 24-character string of letters and numbers, and looks like this: 

Keep this tab open in your browser so you have this information handy to add to your Mediavine dashboard. 

2. Go to your Mediavine dashboard. Settings, then navigate to the Video tab. Click the Advanced Settings dropdown.

3. Toward the bottom of the page, insert your YouTube Channel ID number.

4. Click "Save Settings." 

Play a video to verify that your channel is now connected.

If you have any questions, please reach out to publishers@mediavine.com. 

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