We're obsessed with ad quality. 

We know that most ads suck, and our goal is really to make them suck LESS. Here's how.

Opt out of any objectionable categories in your Dashboard.

If you see some ads that aren't a good fit for your site, the first thing you'll want to do is visit your dashboard settings area, and choose the opt-out tab. 

From there, you can opt-out of a bunch of different ad types just by ticking the boxes. 

These ad blocks only apply to ads run through Google AdExchange, which is our biggest buyer. Ads coming through other buyers may still serve in some of these categories.

Report ads with the Mediavine Ad Reporter

If you are on your site and are still seeing ads that don't fly with you, we have created the Mediavine Ad Reporter, a tool that allows you to report bad ads in real time and help us get them blocked across our entire network. 

Use the "Report this Ad" link under the right-hand side of the ad, and make sure to click "I'm a publisher with Mediavine". This tells us that you are the site owner and will jump your report to the head of the queue. 

We will review your report, and if the ad violates our network-wide PG rating we'll work with the advertiser to get it removed ASAP. 

If it is more of a gray area, we'll evaluate the ad and see which network is sending it. We may or may not be able to block these for you, depending on whether it is coming from an advertiser that allows for removal on a site-specific basis, or if it is coming from an advertiser that only removes ads for the network as a whole. 

If your readers are spotting shady ads, let them know they are welcome to use the report button as well. Just make sure to send us a quick email and let us know to look out for that reader report. 

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