When you make design changes to your site, send us a quick email to let us know. 

Mediavine uses the HTML building blocks of your site to tell our ads where they should live.

Please check your site after making any of the following changes, and notify us ASAP if ads aren't appearing as expected.

  • Move things around in your sidebar

  • Replace widgets in your sidebar

  • Change themes

  • Add a different mobile plugin/theme

  • Switch Recipe Cards

  • Rebrand or redirect (please don't do this.)

  • Reformat your posts with a post builder, or add sliders or other design features or elements.

You can always check out your ad placements after design changes by opening up an incognito window, and placing the following code on the end of your URL:


Testing using that code ensures you are seeing all of the available placements that your readers would be seeing. If you notice anything off, make sure and let us know!

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