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Mediavine & International Publishers

We work with content creators across the globe. Here's what you need to know.

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Though we're based in the United States, Mediavine is proud to work with publishers around the world. We're answering some frequently asked questions about Mediavine and international publishers. 

Does Mediavine work with international publishers?


Does Mediavine work with sites in languages other than English? 

Yes! We work with several sites in languages other than English. Having an English-language site isn't a requirement for us. 

How do payments work? 

We offer a number of payment methods. In Aug. 2018, we partnered with a company called Tipalti that allows us to provide more payment options for our international publishers. Learn more about our partnership with Tipalti.

You are able to choose from any of the following payment methods: 

  • PayPal

  • Domestic ACH

  • International ACH

  • U.S. wire transfer

  • International wire transfer

See this document for help choosing a payment method. 

What currency do you pay in?

While most of our payment options are for USD, we do offer eCheck / Local Bank Transfer and International Wire Transfer which can be in your local currency. For PayPal, you can choose the currency in which you wish to be paid. Currency conversion fees do apply (approximately 2%).   

Will I be charged a fee? 

It depends on the payment method you choose. Some of the payment methods do incur a transaction fee from Tipalti. Currency conversion fees (approximately 2%) do apply as well. Learn more about the payment options and fees. 

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