These instructions will help you experiment making your own featured video similar to these videos: 

You can also use this guide to put together post-specific videos to embed in your blog posts!

There are many different tools available to do this. You can even use iMovie if you have an iPhone and can put together high-quality videos quickly and easily.

For this demo, we will be featuring Animoto, which is the tool that we use.

I like Animoto because it was the most-user-friendly, cost effective, and had the most professional looking templates, in my opinion. It is super fast to throw together, and they have amazing templates to choose from. You can even choose different fonts and colors to match the aesthetic of your site. 

We’ve seen great success with "Reader Favorites", or "Trending Content" topics for featured videos. Make sure to include plenty of text explaining what you are showing, or pull a quote from your site to feature. You want these videos to add to the overall value of your website, and be useful to your readers. 

The ideal video length is between :45 - 1:30, if you will be running our Up Next feature, which is essentially a playlist that runs with a pre-roll video ad before each video.

Once you sign up with Animoto, you can begin creating your video. 

(Note: Animoto requires a paid subscription. Check out their website for annual or monthly pricing options.)

How to create a Mediavine video

Click, “CREATE”:

If you have had an Animoto account for a while, you will have the option to choose between Animoto Memories or Animoto 3. New users will not have this option.

We use the Animoto 3 option. Click “Start From Scratch”, then choose your theme! Next, you’ll want to pick your video Aspect Ratio. We usually stick to the default of Landscape 16:9.

Lastly, you are able to upload media. You can also skip this step and upload media at any time during the making of your video!

For the first slide, we suggest including your logo or image with your Video Title. This is the first thing your readers will see when watching your video.

If you have a food blog, you can include a screenshot of how to search for the featured recipes on your homepage. We use the tool, Skitch, to add arrows and text to screenshots.

Choose 5 images that you want to represent your blog. Whether that be your most recent posts, most popular posts, or posts you are most proud of...anything will work here! Include a short title explaining what the image is about. You can experiment with different colors and sizes as well.

If you click the Design button near the top left, you can access a lot of awesome features. Experiment with your theme, font, text style, transitions, and more!

Lastly, you can end your video with your logo. Here is the order we usually follow in terms of which block options to choose:

Animoto also gives you some great free options to choose from if you’re interested in adding music to your video.

Once you are finished, click “Export”:

Then, “Download”.

From there, you can choose the video download quality of your choosing (we choose 720p):

Congrats! Your video is finalizing!

Finally, upload your video to your Dashboard and be sure to check out our great video options in your Settings! 

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