At Mediavine, we lazy load our ads, which means you have to be careful with any lazy loading you do on the page to make sure you're not doubling up on your lazy loading. Doing so could potentially break your ads.

When enabling a Lazy Loading JavaScript or plugin, you need to make sure you are only lazy loading images and NOT any iframes, which are how advertisements run, and videos, or you risk breaking the Mediavine Video Player.

Unfortunately, many WordPress plugins and JavaScript will by default attempt to lazy load everything.

You will need to check your settings and configuration options to make sure you only lazy load images. 

WP Rocket

In the popular WP Rocket plugin, you want the following settings, making sure only "Enable for images" is checked and NOT "Enable for iframes and videos":

Lightspeed Cache for Wordpress

Lightspeed has a separate toggle for "Lazy Load Images." Make sure you enable that one and do NOT enable "Lazy Load iframes" and you should not impact your ads.

Other Plugins

For other plugins and JavaScript libraries, you will want to look for similar settings and be careful after enabling. Make sure you visit your site and verify ads are continuing to run and that you monitor your RPM. 

Enabling Lazy Loading is a major change to your site and something you are doing at your own risk.

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