Gutenberg is here, and Mediavine is ready! 

If you haven't linked up your Mediavine Dashboard with your Mediavine Control Panel, do that first. This will allow you to insert video using a built-in utility instead of copy & paste of code. 

If you really like to copy and paste code, you can do that too! Skip to the bottom of the page for more info on that.

Once you have connected MCP + MV Dashboard


To place a video into a blog post using the Gutenberg editor, just add a Mediavine Video block using the "add a block" feature, here:

Click the + button:

and then choose "Mediavine Video" from the available blocks:

Next, just pick the video you are embedding into the post:

How To Manually Paste Code To Place Video Using the Gutenberg Editor

If you'd rather stick to the older method of copy and pasting HTML code into your site, you can still do that with the Gutenberg editor.

Just grab the code from your MV Dashboard in the video section, and paste it into a "Custom HTML" block in the Gutenberg editor. 

Click the Preview button to see your video in action!

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