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How To Insert Mediavine Videos in Wordpress
How To Insert Mediavine Videos in Wordpress

Gutenberg or Classic Editor - Embedding videos with Wordpress is easy!

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If your site is on Wordpress, you can insert Mediavine Video right from your post editor!

Here's how:

To access the videos you've uploaded to your dashboard, you'll need to connect your Mediavine Dashboard to the Mediavine Control Panel in Wordpress. You can find those instructions here.

To place a video into a blog post using the Gutenberg editor, just add a Mediavine Video block using the "add a block" feature, here:

1) Click the + button in the top left corner of the editor.

2) Choose "Mediavine Video" from the available blocks.

3) Choose the video you are embedding.

If you'd rather stick to the older method and copy and paste the HTML code, you can still do that with the Gutenberg editor.

Just grab the code from your MV Dashboard in the video section, and paste it into a "Custom HTML" block in the Gutenberg editor. 


>>> If your post contains a recipe or how-to card, best practice is to embed the video in the card.

>>> If your post does not contain a recipe or how-to card, embed it in the post.

If you’re using the Classic Editor, the process is a little different, but still very simple.

Just place your cursor where you want the video to display, click the "Add Video" button, and select your video.

The video will appear in your Wordpress Post editor as a placeholder that you can click to edit.

If you ever need to remove the video, just hover over it and click the trash can. It'll only take it out of the post, it will not delete the video from your Mediavine dashboard.

Adding video to entire categories

You can also add video playlists to entire categories from Wordpress. These will play on every post in a category that doesn't already have embedded video. Learn more here.

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