The Scroll to Play feature of the Mediavine Video Player allows you to place videos below the fold, or after the first screen view, and still provide an autoplay-like experience by starting to play the video as the user scrolls and the video comes into view. Hence Scroll to Play!

How to Enable

Any sticky video which is placed below the fold will automatically be enabled for scroll to play.

This is true for sticky videos you manually place below-the-fold and can be true for auto-inserted and auto-upgraded videos thanks to the new "Sticky Player Auto-Inserted Initial Placement" feature.

Sticky Player Auto-Inserted Initial Placement

The Mediavine Video Player offers two features in your Dashboard you can opt in to: "Auto-Insert Sticky Featured Video" and "Auto-Upgrade Existing Video to Sticky."

Auto-Insert will automatically insert a sticky video in your post if you didn't manually embed a video. It even allows you to put in a headline to explain what that video is you're inserting.

Auto-Upgrade will take any existing non-sticky videos and upgrade them to sticky videos.

Both of these features previously inserted the sticky player at the top of your post. 

You can now set an "initial placement" that will let you push the video further down the post using various "offsets" ranging from small (towards the top) to extra large (very far down in the post).

Manually Placing the Sticky Player

You can still manually insert a sticky video in whatever place you'd like in an individual post by choosing the "sticky" option when you go to get the embed code from the Dashboard or insert it via the Mediavine Control Panel.

A video that is inserted as sticky will NOT be moved by the Auto-Upgrade or the Initial Placement settings.

Where should you place Sticky Videos?

Thanks to the new Scroll to Play feature, our recommendation is to place Sticky Videos right after the first screen view on desktop. You should use the preview from the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to judge where the first screen view is.

You want to place it as high up as you can, while still being below the fold. The reason is the sooner the user scrolls your player into view, the sooner it will begin to play and the more likely a user is to complete your video and possibly get another video via Up Next.

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