The Display Settings section in the Create Settings area is available for you to choose different themes, and other various customizations that relate to the visual display of your Create cards. 

Read on for more specifics about what each of these areas means for you. 

Pick Colors
You can now choose which colors are featured in your Create cards! Experiment with different combinations to further customize your look. 

Photo Ratio
If you would like a default photo ratio to be set, you can choose that here. If you choose "no fixed ratio" the images will display at whatever dimensions that the original images are. 

Enable Print Thumbnails
By default, print thumbnails are enabled on the Create cards. If you'd like to disable those so that the thumbnail image doesn't print with the recipe, you can do so here:

Pinterest Button Location
If you'd like to adjust the placement of your Create Card's Pinterest button, you can do that here.

Force Uppercase
If your fonts look crazy in all caps, you can disable this setting and they'll be shows as they are typed instead of all uppercase letters.

Aggressive Buttons CSS

If your buttons look crazy in the Create plugin, try toggling this option. Some themes have CSS that doesn't mesh well with the Create button styles. This option will force a generic button style that should work well with ANY theme. 

Aggressive List CSS
Some theme strip out bullets and numbers from your lists. That's not good! If your bullets aren't showing, try enabling this feature and doing a hard refresh on the page to see if that does the trick.

Card Style

Here is where you get to pick your card's theme. These have been designed by Purr designs, and will pick up different aspects of your theme's CSS so they look like they were built just for your site. 

Just click on the one you'd like. It'll be highlighted in Teal. No need to save, as we do that automatically!

See something you'd like tweaked? Design tweaks can be done via CSS, so contact a designer for changes to colors, fonts, sizes, or other visual areas. For small changes you can also email us and we may be able to help.

What if I need help?

If you have any questions about Create by Mediavine, please reach out to We also have a Facebook Group where you can consult other Create users!

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