You've made it to the Settings area and want to know all about these Advanced Settings we have available. You've come to the right place! Read on for more detailed info about this area of the settings tab. 

Allowed Types

If you'd like to disallow a certain type of card across your entire site you can do so here. By default, all card types are allowd. 

If you disable an allowed card type, and you already have some cards created of that type, they will still function properly. You just will not be able to add any new card types that are now disallowed. 

Real life example:

I run a recipe site and have a VA. I want to cut down on any potential confusion, so I choose to only allow Recipes and Lists as card types on my site. This would not allow any "How-to" cards to be created by anyone on my site. 

Enable High Contrast
You can enable this setting if the color schemes aren't working out for you. It basically de-teals everything and makes it black and white.

Default Access Role
If you have other users added to your Wordpress site, and you'd like to restrict Create card access to a certain level, 

Default Copyright

This setting impacts the global copyright on your Create cards. If left blank, the card author will display. This setting will display on any cards without an author selected

If you would like this default to show across all of your cards no matter who is selected as the card author, you'll need to select the Override Author option, below.

Override Author

This setting will cause your Default Copyright to apply to all Create cards, across your entire site, regardless of whom is selected as the card author.

Primary Heading Tag

This setting allows you to begin your headings as an H2, if you'd rather not have multiple H1s on your page.

Use Enhanced Search

If you are seeing ANY trouble with search on your site after activating Create, start here. Some themes and search functions don't work well with our search function. Disabling enhanced search should correct any issues here. 

By default, Enhanced Search will be disabled. By enabling, you will allow your site's search to "see" all of your Create card details. Ingredients, instructions, etc. 

Global Affiliate Message

If you would like to change up the affiliate disclosure that displays on cards that are utilizing the Recommended Products feature, you can do that here.


By default, Create will save all your work as you go, even if you don't click the "Save Draft" button. If you are having trouble with our Auto Save function (things aren't saving, there's a conflict with another plugins that prevents a save from successfully happening automatically, etc), try disabling this feature. 

Warning! Disabling this feature means that anytime you make changes and you want them to be saved, you need to click "Save Draft" to save them to the unpublished version of the card, or "Publish" to push the changes to the live version of the card. 

Allow Reviews

By default, Create will allow your readers to leave Reviews and Ratings on your Create cards. This is considered to be a best practice, as Google asks for this as a part of the schema. 

If you would like to opt out of the reviews and ratings, you can do so with this option in the settings. 

Enable Link Scraping

If you would rather not allow Create to scrape the Recommended Product links that you input (for instance, Amazon affiliate links), you can disable that option here.

Note: We've been in touch with our lawyers and with Amazon directly. Our implementation of the image collection for affiliate links is within the Amazon affiliate TOS. 

Enable Error Reporting

This option is disabled by default. If you choose to enable it, it will allow error reporting to automatically be sent to Mediavine engineers to further assist with troubleshooting. 

Even if this remains disabled, you may be prompted to manually send an error report if something goes wrong with the Create plugin. Sending these reports helps us track down the source of bugs and issues, so utilizing this system is appreciated!

Enable Public Reviews

If you select this option, your Create reviews will be displayed in a tab near your comments.

You must have a "dom" selected in order for this to work. If you need help with this, just let us know!

Reset Browser Storage

Clicking this button resets your browser's storage. If caching is making you crazy, and the Create team instructs you to click this button, please do so. 

If you aren't sure what that means, please don't press unless you reach out to us first. 

Please email us with additional questions at create@mediavinecom!

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