Let's start this how-to with a few words of caution. More often than not, the site-wide sticky player settings are going to be the best bet. Using the sticky attribute in the embed code means a few things:

  • The stick attribute added to the embed code will override site-wide settings. If you are using the scroll-to-play feature, any post with page-level sticky settings will ignore the scroll-to-play settings you have enabled. 
  • If you manually add it, you have to manually remove it. This is important to keep in mind because if you implement page-level settings in many places and then change your mind, you will also have to remove those page-level settings one by one. 

This can be a great feature if you want the video in one particular post to start playing in a different place than all of your other desktop videos. It can also be handy if you have chosen not to enable site-wide sticky player settings but want to take advantage in just a few of your posts. 

To use the sticky desktop player on a PER POST basis, you can follow these easy instructions. 

1. Navigate to the Video tab in your dashboard. 

2. Select the video you'd like to embed and scroll down to the Sticky Player check box. 

Check the box for Sticky Player, choose your other player settings, and then scroll down to the Embed Code. 

3. You'll notice that with the option for the Sticky Player selected, the embed code contains data-sticky="1". 

This is the bit that tells the player to either hoist to the top of your content selector OR to a custom selector that you added while working with Mediavine Support Staff (see notes!). This is also the part of the embed code that will have to be manually removed if you decide you want this post to inherit site-wide settings. 

4. Copy the embed code and paste it in the corresponding blog post. 


  • Remember that this video will still be click-to-play on mobile, so you want to be sure to paste the video in the place that you think it will be the most useful for your readers. 
  • Also keep in mind that where you paste this code is where the video will start to play on desktop

Here's an example. 

In this post we have entered the video embed code containing the sticky video code just above the Create card

Here's a look at that embedded sticky video in action:


  • If you worked with support staff on a custom solution for your video player settings and have decided to make some changes, please reach out! You can find us at publishers@mediavine.com and we are happy to help you make adjustments to your video player and settings. 
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