The Create card uses an H1 heading by default. While there is some speculation that multiple H1 headings can be bad for SEO, we are in the opinion that having multiple H1s in a post isn’t actually problem!

This is especially true if both H1s are titles. Some SEO plugins haven’t quite caught up to that standard yet so they still flag multiple H1 headings as something that needs attention.

Google and SEO are two of our largest focuses and we would never intentionally have a default setting that is bad for any site’s performance. 

With that being said, you CAN absolutely update the H1 title in your Create card to H2 if you prefer.

Changing  your Create card title from H1 to H2 is super simple!

1) Navigate to Create’s advanced settings in your Wordpress dashboard. You can reach your advanced settings by selecting Settings > Create by Mediavine.

2)  Click Advanced at the top of the settings menu

3)  Scroll down to the ‘Primary Heading Tag' section.

4) Select H2 from the drop down menu.

5) Changes are saved automatically! 

Voila! You have successfully updated your Create card titles from H1 to H2 by default. These settings will apply to all of your current and future Create cards. 

Please note – the visual look of your card may change based on what you choose here, as Create pulls styling directly from your theme's CSS, and in most cases your H1 and H2 will be styled much differently.

What if I need help?

If you have any questions about Create by Mediavine, please reach out to We also have a Facebook Group where you can consult other Create users!

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