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Mediavine Dashboard User Roles Overview
Mediavine Dashboard User Roles Overview

Do you work with a team? Find out the ins and outs of Mediavine's User Roles to make sure your team has access to what they need.

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Previously, there was one level of access to your Mediavine Dashboard. 

All or nothing. 

For some of you that was a hurdle as you needed your team members to have access to certain areas, but may not have necessarily wanted them to have access to your payment history or ad settings. 

Enter - Custom User Roles. 

Now, not only can you invite your team members to your Mediavine Dashboard yourself using our User Management portal, but you can also manage their level of access as well. 

Some notes on the transition for those of you who currently have more than one user. 

If you currently have more than one user on your account, all of your users will continue to have the same level of access unless you change it. That is "Owner" level access. If you'd like to restrict access to only certain areas for your additional users, you can do that in the Settings > Users area of your Dashboard. 

How to Add a New User

Navigate to the Settings > Users menu in your Mediavine Dashboard. 

Click the Add New User button.

The next menu will ask for the email address (make sure it is right!), and ask you to assign permissions to the user. 

Each permission is explained in detail there on the page, but I'll elaborate a bit below. 

AD SETTINGS: Grants access to global settings that impact your ad implementation and can impact your revenue. (Ad Settings tab, In-Content Ads tab, Video tab, Opt-Out tab, Privacy Tab, Ad Setup tab).

These settings can and do DIRECTLY impact your ad performance and can impact your revenue significantly. Only give access to your ad settings to someone you trust. 

REPORTING: Grants access to your Mediavine Dashboard's front page that details your earnings, historical earnings data, ad unit breakdown, and information about your traffic. The whole summary page of your dashboard. Only grant access to someone who you would like to be able to see and export this information. 

VIDEO: Grants access to upload videos and update video information. Does not give access to delete videos or to change video settings. Only owners can delete video.

PAYMENTS: Grants access to your Payment profiles. Will be able to edit payment info (including bank info and tax info, if applicable), view payment history, make changes to payment info, etc.

OWNER: (WARNING) All access pass to your entire dashboard and settings area, including the ability to add, edit, or remove other users (including yourself). Owner's are also the only role that will have access to your Profile & Influencer Survey.

What happens next?

Once you invite the new user, they'll get an email letting them know that they've been granted access to your dashboard. If they already have a Mediavine account setup, they can login with their existing account information. If the account is brand new user, they'll be instructed to reset their password so they can gain access. 

How to Edit a User

If you'd ever like to edit a user on your site or remove them from having access, you can do that in the Users tab of your Mediavine dashboard.

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