What is Sellers.json?

Sellers.json is a public file that lets buyers on the exchange side understand who they are paying. It is a public file, readable to anyone looking to access Mediavine's Sellers.json, and is a list of all the entities selling inventory on their exchanges. 

Your Sellers.json file is based on the payee information that you have listed in your payment profile. You can update your payee information at any time. 

How to Update Your Payment Profile in Mediavine's Sellers.json File

  • In your Mediavine dashboard, navigate to the Payments tab and then click Edit Payee Name. 

  • Edit or Update the listed Payment Profile Name

  • Save Payee Name

That's it! You're all set! 

For any questions related to Sellers.json and your payment profile, please reach out to us at payments@mediavine.com. 

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