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This feature is just the start of all the awesome new playlist features that we have in the works!

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Currently, when you run more than one Mediavine video you automatically run additional videos after the first one completes. This is our "Up Next" feature.

That means, currently if you have our Featured Video option running, your posts without manual video embeds will have the Featured Video running first, and then your other videos will start running after with a pre-roll ad before each, beginning with any videos with Boosted Priority, and then cycling through the rest of your videos according to popularity (ie: how many views). Learn more about video priority.

On posts with a Mediavine video embed in the post, that embedded video would play first and then the next videos would behave like I described above and play according to priority.

This is an awesome way to ensure that all of your content is monetized with video, whether you have a video created for the post or not, but for readers that spend a lot of time on your site clicking around to multiple pages, it can cause them to see the same video repeatedly. 

Enter the Up Next Playlist. 

What's different about the Up Next Playlist?

Now, when readers visit the first page on your site, your most popular boosted video will display first, followed by the other boosted videos in order of popularity, and then finally the normal priority videos. 

If a reader views multiple pages on your site, our video player will remember where they are in the playlist and will show them a new video on the next pageview instead of the most popular Boosted video again.

How to enable the Up Next Playlist

You'll enable the Up Next playlist by navigating to your Video Settings, and looking at the Featured Video dropdown. 

That's it! Just select it and save your changes and you are all set. 

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