Mediavine and your Privacy Policy

Please insert the following information into your privacy policy as it relates to the services Mediavine provides for you. 

Disclaimer: Your privacy policy is a legal document. Its accuracy and compliance is the responsibility of the site owner, and Mediavine cannot give legal advice. You should have your privacy policy reviewed by a lawyer to ensure you are fully complying with all of the laws that relate to this area.

UPDATED ON 10/20/20

Please insert all of the text in the code block below into your Privacy Policy

<h3>Mediavine Programmatic Advertising</h3>
<p>For information regarding data collection by Mediavine ad partners including how to opt out of data collection, please click <a href="" rel="nofollow">here</a></p>

You may translate the above block of text to suit your needs if your site's primary language is not English. Mediavine will not be providing translation services at this time to the text above.

Note: This is HTML. If you are using WordPress, please use a Custom HTML block in Gutenberg or the HTML view of the Classic Editor when pasting this code. If you use another CMS please ensure you are pasting into an HTML view for the formatting to render correctly. If you need help, there are video instructions below.

How to update your Privacy Policy in Classic Editor

Note: The text block that is inserted in the videos below was our old version, which was substantially longer than the current version. The process of inserting it is the same, however.

How to update your Privacy Policy in Gutenberg

Privacy Policy Translations

Mediavine has provided the Google translate service on the Partner Information page solely as an accommodation to our publishers. Mediavine does not guarantee the accuracy of the translation. Please confirm the translation is accurate before use. Any use of this translation is at your own risk. Mediavine disclaims any warranties and shall not be responsible for any damages based on your use of this translation.

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