If you're looking to have your videos stand out among the rest of your content, headlines can be a great way to help with that. Mediavine now offers a variety of options to implement custom headlines above your videos.

Headlines for Specific Videos

You are able to assign a custom headline to individual videos by adding them here in the video editing screen:

The headline will then appear right above the embedded video for your readers, even if the video player's location is shifted by our Optimize Video Placement setting. This is an optional field, and isn't included in schema.

You are also able to customize a headline for your Featured Video as it plays throughout your site. You can find that option in your Advanced Video Player Settings.

To get there, you just need to go to the Video Player tab within your site settings and scroll to the the Advanced Settings:

From there, you can find the field for the Featured Video Headline:

This Headline will display above the Featured Video, no matter which one is currently selected. 

In the example above, the publisher is using the Up Next Playlist as their featured video, which will queue up different popular videos as the reader navigates through different posts on the site.

Default Video Headline

Just below the Featured Video Headline field is the Default Video Headline setting. 

This option will display a headline above any embedded video that doesn't already have a custom headline assigned to it. This is a great way to implement headlines to your videos without having to create custom headlines for each one.

Also, be sure to update your settings at the very bottom of the screen after filling any of these in!

Playlist Headlines

You now also have the option to set specific headlines to show for your featured / manually embedded playlist!

This setting will take precedence over the other default headlines, when the playlist is embedded or set as the featured video selection.

If you have any questions or need any help, we're happy to assist!

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