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Fill your unused ad inventory with a PSA
Fill your unused ad inventory with a PSA

Donate those impressions to a good cause and help share reputable resources.

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How to serve Public Service Announcements in your unused ad inventory

What is it?

In your dashboard you have the option to Enable PSAs in your Ad Settings.

This feature will automatically show your readers Public Service Announcement creatives in your unfilled ad inventory. That means that in any slots that aren’t filled by your normal paid inventory, and would otherwise not show an ad at all, you can opt-in to show a PSA.

What do the ads look like?

There are several designs that have the possibility of showing for each campaign that you opt into. Several examples are below.

Covid-19 PSA Ads

We Stand With You PSA Ads

Additional We Stand With You Ads From Artists in the Black Community

Additional We Stand With You Ads from Artists in the Asian Community

Additional information about the artists and where you can purchase or support their art is located on our Resource Page.

Ad Council PSA Ads

  • Alzheimer’s Awareness

  • Empowering Girls in STEM

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Teen Suicide Prevention

  • Texting and Driving Prevention

Cookies for Kids' Cancer PSA Ads

Operation Gratitude PSA Ads

United Way PSA Ads

Pet Adoption Encouragement PSAs

No Kid Hungry PSAs

PFLAG National

What happens when people click the ads?

When people click this unit they’ll be taken to either the We Stand With You landing page or the COVID-19 landing page on for those campaigns. For any other PSAs, they will be taken to a landing page on the non-profit organization's website. Each landing page, either on Mediavine's website or another's has information and links to reliable, up-to-date sources that have been reviewed by our team.

How can I enable this?

In your Mediavine dashboard, on the Settings > Ad Setting page, you will see the option to toggle on each kind of available PSA.

Are there any potential consequences of enabling this feature?

No. This feature lets you donate what would normally be collapsed, unfilled ad spaces. Mediavine does not fill at 100% because it's better for earnings and overall performance, as well as quality when it comes to the inventory you serve.

Can I customize the creative/link/landing page?

Not yet, but we’re looking at adding this flexibility in the future. 

Where can I learn more?

Check out our blog post on Covid 19 PSAs as well as the post on the We Stand With You PSAs here!

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