How to serve Public Service Announcements in your unused ad inventory

What is it?

Our new “Serve COVID-19 Public Service Announcement” feature will automatically show one a PSA creative in your unfilled ad inventory. That means that in any slots that aren’t filled by your normal paid inventory and would otherwise not show an ad at all, you can opt-in to show a PSA regarding COVID-19. 

What does it look like?

There are several different designs that have the possibility of showing. Several examples are below. For the full set, please see this folder.

What happens when people click the ads?

When people click this unit they’ll be taken to the COVID-19 landing page on It has information and links to reliable, up-to-date sources.

How can I enable it?

This new feature can be enabled right from your Mediavine dashboard, on the Settings > Ad Setting page. 

Are there any potential consequences of enabling this feature?

Yes, but they are short term

Mediavine measures and gives you a metric called, “Fill Rate”. That’s the amount of your available inventory that is filled with ads. We’ve never previously offered backfill, so the fill rate has never been 100% here, on purpose. 

With this new feature, we’ll be backfilling your paid inventory with these PSAs, so your “fill rate” climbs to 100%, even though the last portion of your ads run these unpaid service announcements. That means that if you enable these PSAs, we will be turning off fill rate reporting for your dashboard, temporarily, since the data will be inaccurate.

In the near future, we’ll be adding a new metric to the dashboard to show you the “paid fill rate” of the ad units and make things more accurate going forward. 

Can I customize the creative/link/landing page?

Not yet, but we’re looking at adding this flexibility in the future. 

Where can I learn more?

Check out our blog post on Covid 19 PSAs here!

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