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Will I get a 1099?
Will I get a 1099?

Reporting your income to the IRS is important. Get the details on how to gather the right information.

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Publishers are responsible for their own tax reporting. 

You will be emailed a form 1099 for your Mediavine earnings only if you received a payment from a method other than PayPal.

Note: If you did not fill out a W9 and instead entered “Non-US” as your tax designation in your payment profile, you’ll need to navigate the specific income reporting and tax forms for your country.


Mediavine pays all publishers via Tipalti. This service allows users to choose their preferred payment method. Read more about the different payment methods here. 

Mediavine will issue a 1099-MISC for non-PayPal earnings paid out to publishers in the United States. 

These forms will be available via email in late January 2023 and will come from a service called Tax1099.


If you were paid solely via PayPal in calendar year 2022, you will not be issued a 1099 from Mediavine. PayPal payments are covered under a completely separate section of the U.S. tax code. PayPal even gets its own special 1099 form, known as a 1099-K.

PayPal is required by the IRS to report the sales of goods and services for customers who, in a single year receive:

  • Gross payments for goods or services that exceed $600, AND

  • Any number of transactions

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can email our support team at

This is not tax advice and you should consult with your accountant or tax preparer for specifics on how to file your earnings.

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