Mediavine video is designed to add an extra layer of visual content to your articles, while helping you earn more.

If you have been around long enough you have seen the evolution of Mediavine video offerings. How we took three different ways of offering video, and packaged them into a seamless, streamlined experience across device types.

If enabled, the sticky desktop player will play a video and then, as the reader scrolls through the content, it will "stick" like your sticky sidebar ad with the reader. This maximizes viewability and ad revenue.

While this functionality was previously exclusive to the desktop experience, it is now how video is served across all devices.

In order to enable these settings, you must have at least one video uploaded to your Mediavine dashboard. It helps if you have the Autoplay and Optimize settings selected, as the video only “sticks” when it is already playing.

Those settings can be found right in your dashboard.

Video can either be a manual embed, which is a dedicated video specific to the post, or, a featured video, if this setting is enabled.

While it is perfectly okay to have more than one video in a post, if you do choose to have multiple videos on a page, only ONE can be playing/sticking at a time.

The Autoplay setting will apply to the first video embedded in the page, and the remaining videos will default to click-to-play.

Sticky Settings

Any time the video is playing, it is a default setting that the video will scroll and play with the user, both on mobile and on desktop. The option is there for the reader to close the video out, if they do not wish to see it there.

Video and Speed

It’s no secret that here at Mediavine we have a very real obsession with page speed. This is the major driver behind the optimized video placement settings.

If you enable this, we automatically ensure that videos appear below the fold, allowing us to lazy load your player and optimize for page speed and user experience combined.

At the same time, we make sure the player is high enough on the page to maximize revenue. We only do this if you enable this feature AND autoplay for the specified device.

For mobile, we even allow you the option to choose the best placement for the player on the screen.

You can check out all of your setting options right in your dashboard. And for more details on what each setting does you can check that out here.

Want to try out the video player in just one post OR do you want a video to stay where you have embedded it?

You can find easy instructions to do that in this article.


If an ad autoplays with sound, please report it to us by clicking the "Report this ad" button under the video player.

Please make sure to check the box for "It plays sounds" and also include "MPN" + the name of the advertiser in the description of your report — this helps us identify the ad faster, so we can work with our partners to get it blocked. Learn more about reporting ads.

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