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Why Does Mediavine Pay NET 65?
Why Does Mediavine Pay NET 65?

For your protection and ours.

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Among the most common questions we receive, along with how will I get paid and when am I getting paid, is why we pay publishers on a NET 65 basis. 

Waiting 65 days from the end of each month (e.g. January revenue will be paid April 5) to receive that month’s revenue is less than ideal, but it’s essential to our business and for your protection.

Mediavine works with nearly twenty ad partners who bid on your inventory. All of these partners must pay Mediavine, and many do so on a similar timetable (NET 60 or NET 90), assuming they do so at all.

After over a decade in web publishing, we’ve received many late payments, and have worked with more than a few companies whose financial problems left us on the hook for considerable sums. Having experienced it first hand, this is not a risk we are comfortable passing on to publishers, as many businesses do. 

NET 65 allows us to retain adequate reserves in the event of an unforeseen issue with one or more partners, ensuring short- and long-term solvency and guaranteeing that you will never miss a payment from Mediavine.

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