What is Grow?

Grow is Mediavine's user engagement suite. Grow allows for a personalized browsing experience.

Through this product, your readers are able to login, save favorite posts, and share content. By logging in, readers consent to receive personalized and higher performing ads through the collection of first-party data.

How can you get Grow?

Right now, Grow is only available for Mediavine publishers. If you are a Mediavine publisher, navigate to your dashboard by going to Grow (BETA) and enable it using the toggle button.

Grow is automatically loaded through the Script Wrapper and all configuration can be done directly in the Mediavine Dashboard!

Once enabled, you'll unlock the customization options for Grow and its many awesome features.

The features currently include Search, Recommended Content, Spotlight Subscribe Widget, and more!

How do you see how many people are using it?

Grow will track "Events" in your Google Analytics. Go to Behavior > Events > Overview and Grow will show up as an event once people use it.

You can read more about Grow Events here.

Want more information?

Additional details are available in our blog post.


Please email grow.me@mediavine.com or message us using the chat bubble in your dashboard or in the corner of this help page.

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