Wondering what Grow.me is? Here's our help page and blog post that gives the full rundown.

How to enable Grow.me

In order for the Grow.me feature to show on your live site, you'll need to enable it by navigating to Settings > Grow:

Once it is enabled you should start seeing it on your site!

How to set a custom color

After you enable Grow.me you will see customization settings. The first of these customizations are the colors of the widget:

The features are currently limited to bookmarks, Search, Recommended Content, Spotlight Subscribe Widget, and sharing, but we'll be expanding it as the beta gains additional features.

When new features are launched, we'll send a message to your Mediavine Dashboard so you can see them in action!

How do you see how many people are using it?

Grow.me will track "Events" in your Google analytics. Go to Behavior > Events > Overview and Grow.me will show up as an event once people start using it.

You can read more about Grow.me Events here.

Feedback and suggestions?

Please send all feedback and suggestions to grow.me@mediavine.com or to the support bubble in your Dashboard, on Mediavine.com, or on our Mediavine help pages. For the fastest service, please make sure and put GROW.ME BETA in the subject line and/or body of the message.

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