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Rewind Volume 2

4/14/20 - 4/20/20

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Check out this intro to 2.0 from Heather Tullos, blogger extraordinaire and our very own Director of Publisher Support.

Also make sure to check out the Easter Egg that we have for you in the Pages report. You can now see the average number of IMPRESSIONS PER PAGEVIEW. This is a game-changer for diagnosing why certain posts may be underperforming. Look out for content soon about ways to take advantage of that data!


Eric posted another entry in the SEO like a CEO series, all about Keyword Prominence, and why placement matters when it comes to the location of your keywords.

Key Takeaways

  • Keyword Prominence is how close your keyword is to the beginning of a section, or element of your page-- how “prominent” it is.

  • For example, Cheesecake Recipe vs Recipe of the Week: Foolproof New York Cheesecake - Since we read left-to-right, it’s better to put your keyword in the beginning of a section

  • Use your keyphrase early and often in your page titles, meta descriptions and in your actual content.


The Mediavine blog published an awesome post by Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media who talked about common mistakes that are made on Pinterest. Here are some of the key points:

  • KEYWORDS are life, use them in board names, board descriptions, and pin descriptions!

  • Care about your images, because Pinterest is visual and better images get more interaction.

  • New content matters! Much like google, the more new stuff you put out there, the more potential keywords will be picked up and the more Pinterest will think you’re investing in your site and content. So post that new content and those new pins for old content as much as you can!

Kate suggests new content at least once a week for growth.

On my own site, I didn’t see growth on Google or Pinterest at really significant levels until I started posting 4 times a week, brand new content, so that’s my personal goal and what I generally recommend to people who really want to grow, and grow fast.

Recession-Proof Your Blog

Mediavine Owner/Co-founder Steve Marsi wrote all about ways you can recession-proof your blog.

Check this post out to learn why your content strategy matters more than ever, now, and how you should analyze your data in light of the new projections and new normal in the ad industry for this unprecedented time in the world. Also why you should set goals and identify where your efforts are best spent.


Why Mediavine Sites Grow Exponentially

Heather was on the blog last Saturday talking about some of the reasons why and how Mediavine publishers grow exponentially after joining Mediavine.

Use Gutenberg! It isn't scary!

If you are hesitating about switching to Gutenberg, don’t! Megan is here to tell us why it isn’t actually scary, and is really a lot easier than you may have been fearing. Also, why Gutenberg is awesome and whether or not it’ll mess up your old posts. Don’t miss it!

Disable your adhesion close button & increase earnings!

We announced the ability to turn off the close button on adhesion units, and why you might want to consider it, as well as the new ability to insert ads into HTML lists! If you have long numbered or bulleted lists in posts that get a lot of traffic, you’ll want to check out this setting, stat.

You can find that in your Dashboard > Settings > Ad Settings > Adhesion Units area:

Disabling the close button can lead to BIG increases in the performance of that unit, if you are looking for ways to increase earnings.

Create gets Social Footers

If you are a Create user, you can now enable Social Footers! This is a call-to-action where you can highlight your favorite social channel or encourage people to share. This is available in the Create plugin settings on current versions of Create.

Trellis beta is going well

The Trellis beta is rolling along and we are working hard at making sure it will be ready as soon as possible and as smoothly as possible for everyone. We’ll let you know when there are more updates there!

New to Trellis is Trellis Images, which is a built-in way to serve Next Gen images and make sure your images aren’t hurting your pagespeed.

Enable Covid-19 PSAs

Also, if you haven’t considered it yet, please think about enabling PSAs for COVID-19 if you haven’t already. <3


The blog team posted a #MVCON19 video featuring Kay Featherstone and Betsy Eves all about increasing revenue and traffic using content that’s already published. Check it out on YouTube here, and give us a follow while you are at it!

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