What’s wrong?

WP ROCKET VERSION 3.6.2 can break your site’s formatting and your in-content ads in some specific cases.

Today, Friday, July 10th, we started seeing alerts in our systems for sites missing in-content ads. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that many sites running WP Rocket version 3.6.2 with Image Lazy Loading activated are experiencing missing in-content ads because the latest update can cause stripping of the body classes from the content.

Since ads (and many page elements) can use the body class for targeting, this left the ads not knowing where to live. It can also cause other page layout issues.

If you are running WP Rocket version 3.6.2 and are getting this email prior to the release of WP Rocket (expected early the week of July 13th), you will need to proceed with the steps below. If you are getting this email after that release, you should be able to just update to, but you will want to visually confirm your in-content ads are not being impacted.

What should you do?

If you are running WP Rocket, you should check which version you are running. You can find this in your WordPress admin > Plugins > WP Rocket.

If you are running 3.6.2, check your site for in-content ads using a Private or Incognito window. Slowly scroll through some posts and visually confirm that in-content ads are appearing as expected.

If your in-content ads are correctly appearing, you should monitor your site over the weekend until the update is released and your site has updated.

3.6.2 Workarounds

Option 1 - The Easy Button

If you are using WP Rocket and running 3.6.2, you can temporarily deactivate WP Rocket until the update is released, update, and then reactivate when that happens.

Potential drawbacks: Sites with high volumes of traffic will likely not want to go an entire weekend with no caching active.

Option 2 - The Rollback

WP Rocket has a rollback feature that allows you to back up to a different version. You can access this via WP Rocket > Settings > Tools > Rollback. The NerdPress team suggests rolling back to (to avoid some CSS issues on Firefox with version 3.6.1).

Option 3 - The Settings Adjustment

The workaround until WP Rocket releases the fix is to turn OFF lazy loading for your images, and then clear your site’s cache(s).

There may be several caches that need clearing, and for some of you, you may need your host’s help to clear it/them.

Once your caches are cleared, you should check your posts for in-content ads appearing using a Private or Incognito window. We also recommend you check on your mobile device (while logged out of your site).

If the ads still aren’t appearing and you are sure that the caches are all cleared, you should also disable the “Optimize CSS delivery” feature in WP Rocket and re-clear your caches again.

If you need assistance making these changes, please reach out to your managed host, WordPress technical support, or by replying to this email. We will help as we can, as quickly as possible, but it is important to work with whichever tech support entity can help you the fastest. In-content ads make up the bulk of your revenue so if they’re missing from your site it can dramatically reduce your performance.

We’ve reported this issue to WP Rocket via email and via their Github repo and it appears they are now aware of the issue and working on a fix, which they are hoping to release on Monday. Please do not wait until then to implement one of the above fixes if needed, as it will mean going the entire weekend without in-content ads on your site.

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