Playlists are here!

A much requested feature is now available in your dashboard. If you are already using video, this will be a new and improved way to customize your user’s experience and categorize the videos you want to show on certain posts.

And getting started is really easy.

If you haven't already, you will first want to check out our CEO's rundown of the new feature and settings in this blog post.

How To Create a Mediavine Playlist

In the left-hand side of your dashboard select the playlists option.

Select Add New Playlist.

The screen that appears is similar to the one you see when creating a Mediavine Video.

You will need to name your Playlist, give it a description, and even add a custom cover image.

Title, description, and at least one video are required. A cover image is optional.

You can scroll through the list of your uploaded videos and select the ones you want on your Playlist, or you can search a specific term to narrow things down.

Select all the videos you want included in your playlist by clicking on them, and they will move to the right side of your screen.

Once you have added all of your videos, save your changes.

The screen will then populate your Playlist settings. Check out the Playlist Best Practices help doc for ways to optimize your Playlist settings!

The "Playlist Volume" is set based on the volume you select when you embed the playlist into the post. It applies to ALL videos that show in the playlist, as the volume is set at the embed code level and not the individual video level.

Important to note

JSON-LD schema is disabled by default and should only be enabled very carefully.

If your playlist isn’t specifically about the post you're embedding it on, you will want to keep playlist schema disabled. If you’re embedding a Playlist on a page with a video already embedded, you will also make sure “Include JSON-LD” is disabled for the playlist. This is incredibly important!

Ideally, you'll have EITHER a playlist OR a video embed in a post.

To sum it all up, Playlist schema should only be enabled if you don’t have a specific video for the post, but the post is about the playlist.

This blog post dives more into when to leave schema disabled and when to enable it. As always, reach out to with any questions!

Once you choose your desired settings you can then copy and paste the embed code to place the videos in desired posts throughout your site.

Preview your post to see your new Playlist in action!

Mediavine Control Panel Integration

With MCP 2.5.0, released 11/18/20 - you can now embed a Video Playlist using a Gutenberg block.

Want ALL of your posts assigned to a specific WordPress category? You can now do that as well if you are running MCP 2.5.0+! Just go to your Posts > Category page, edit a category, and assign a video or video playlist. You can also check out the help page here.

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