If you’re reading this you may have recently implemented our exciting new custom video playlist feature! Or maybe you’ve heard about it and you’re wondering what our recommended settings and best practices for playlists are. Look no further. You’ve come to the right place.

If you’re wondering what the custom playlist feature is or how to set it up, check out this help doc. For a full overview of our new playlist feature and detailed information on settings and playlist schema, check out this blog post from our CEO!

Without further ado, let’s jump into best practices for this cool new video experience.

Best Practices:

  • If you're embedding a playlist on a page with video already on it, you should make sure JSON+LD schema is disabled. JSON+LD schema is disabled by default. Just make sure that “Disable” is toggled before embedding the playlist code into your post.

Google recognizes two types of video schema that Mediavine can help you with.

  1. Video Schema

  2. Playlist Schema

Both are great to take advantage of but NOT on the same post! You don't want two separate video schema outputs on a single page because there's a chance Google will be confused between the two. Ideally you'll select EITHER a video OR a playlist to embed into your post. If you have a single, specific video (not playlist) that better describes the post, then use video schema, NOT playlist schema.

  • If your playlist isn’t specifically about the post you're embedding it on, you will want to keep playlist schema disabled.

  • Playlists are great if you don’t have an exact video for a post, but you do have a playlist of related content that best represents that post. You just want to ensure that the Playlist is designed specifically for your post. If so, you should enable playlist schema.

  • Playlists are also great when you have multiple videos that apply to one post. For example, you may have a recipe or a guide that uses individual videos for each step. You can create a playlist of those individual videos to be embedded into the post. It’s important to note that each individual video will require a post URL of its own. If each video has its own post URL and all videos are directly relevant to the post, enable playlist schema.

Wondering what schema is? Learn more about it here!

  • You can set a Playlist as your featured video! This will allow your playlist to run as the featured video on pages without a post specific video embedded.

  • Keep the Optimize Placement setting enabled. This setting automatically optimizes the placement of your first video embed for optimal page speed and revenue.

  • Keep your Playlist sized at the recommended aspect ratio 16:9.

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