Rocket Loader is a feature by Cloudflare that can help with page load time. Unfortunately, the method in which it does this is very aggressive, is a beta product, and can often break JavaScript (including Mediavine ads).

Mediavine Publishers need to disable Rocket Loader immediately. 

There isn't a super easy way to tell if you are running this or not, so our first suggestion would be to contact the person who set up your Cloudflare and ask them if Rocket Loader is activated, and if so - to disable this. 

You can also contact Cloudflare support.

If you are technically inclined, you can view the source code of your website and search for "rocket-loader" to see if you currently have it running. 

If that is in your code, you are running Rocket Loader and this applies to you. 

You can still run basic Cloudflare without enabling Rocket Loader. To disable Rocket Loader, open up your Cloudflare dashboard and go to the Speed tab. Scroll down to "Rocket Loader", and toggle the feature off. 

If you're concerned about site speed, I would work with your tech help on some other solutions. Things we recommend include:

  • Removing as many external JavaScript scripts as possible.

  • Compressing images using one of the many plugins out there.

This isn't something that we can directly troubleshoot or assist with here at the Mediavine help desk. We recommend contacting your tech help for direct support. 

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