The Mediavine video player now supports the ability to add Clips to videos! This allows a reader to skip directly to the section of the video that is most relevant to their search.

Why would you want to add Clips to your videos?


Adding Clips to your videos gives you the opportunities to be featured in Google's Key Moments rich results! Clips tell Google what information is available in your Mediavine video at specific timestamps and outputs all of the relevant schema.

Who can use video Clips?

As of right now, Google is limiting Key Moments results to a small number of publishers. For your videos to be considered, you'll need to apply to their Early Adopter Program here.

Note: Before filling out this application, you need to add clips to at least one post to use as an example.

For more information on Key Moments and to see some examples, check out Google's helpful developer article here.

How to Add Clips to Your Video

  1. Open up your video in the Mediavine dashboard and scroll down to the section titled Timestamps.

2. Select your timestamp within the video where you want to add your Clip. You can do this by scrubbing (clicking and dragging) to the right spot, or click on the timestamp below the video. Choose focal points of the video.

3. Type in your note, then click the plus sign to add the Clip.

4. The timestamps you have added will show up in the column on the right. Now your video is broken up into different sections. Once you’re done adding your Clips, be sure to click the Save Changes button at the bottom of your screen!

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