The settings in the Dashboard will allow you to customize the look and feel of Grow on your site. To find these settings you'll navigate to your dashboard Settings > Grow (Beta).

Once the Grow widget is enabled you will see options for the various Customizations that are available!

The first section of settings is all about Color Customizations.

  • Background Color - This setting allows you to set the color for the background of the Grow Widget

  • Icon Color - This option sets the color for the icons of the Grow Widget.

To change the color, simply click in the box and start typing your hex code! Easy peasy!

Then you'll find Placement options that will allow you to choose which side the widget displays on and an option to disable the widget completely from specific pages or posts. The choices are Bottom Right or Bottom Left.

  • Alignment - The alignment setting allows you to choose which side the Grow widget appears on the screen.

  • Horizontal Offset - How many pixels the widget appears from the left or right side of the screen.

  • Vertical Offset - How many pixels the widget appears from the bottom of the screen.

  • Disable Widget - To disable the Grow widget on a particular page, copy the HTML code (in the gray box) and paste it into the HTML version of your blog post.

The offsets are great options for navigating around back to top buttons or other elements on your page. This can come in handy if you want to adjust the position slightly in one direction or the other.

Above is an example of what the offset looks like with the default setting (15 pixels) for both Horizontal and Vertical offset. The first image is an example with adjustments made to the Horizontal and Vertical Offset options. (50 pixels)

Next is the Share section where you can disable share counts, specific social networks, and set minimums for the share counts and bookmarks.

  • Share Counts - This setting allows you to enable or disable the social share and bookmark counts. In order for Grow to count social shares of your post, you do need to be running either Grow Social or Grow Social Pro. Otherwise, the Grow widget will only show the saves of the post via the Grow widget.

  • Minimum Global Share Count - This setting allows you to display bookmark and share counts only if the total share count is higher than this value.

  • Enable Social Networks - This setting allows you to selectively disable specific social networks.

The Search section includes settings that will allow you to enable or disable search and select if you'd like the Grow search menu to appear when a reader clicks on your native site search bar.

  • Search - Enabling this setting will show Grow search on your site.

  • Site Search Integration - Enabling this setting will allow Grow search to integrate with your site's native Search Box.

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