The Recommended Content widgets and carousel will display personalized content and give users a better browsing experience and encourage them to authenticate and consent to personalized advertisements.

There will be three placements for these recommended content options via!

Publishers will be able to enable or disable the recommended content to show on your site in three spots: the sidebar, in line with your content, and at the very top of the post that displays once the reader starts to scroll up.

  • Header Carousel - This option will be at the top of the page and will appear upon exit-intent as the reader begins to scroll up.

  • Inline Widget This option will appear above the recipe card or at the end of the content if you do not use a recipe card within the post.

  • Sidebar Widget - This option will appear in between your top sidebar ad and your sticky sidebar ad.

The Header Carousel appears at the top of your post upon exit-intent as the reader begins to scroll up and will encourage readers to keep reading posts that are perhaps more relevant to what they're looking for. This will keep readers engaged and on your site for longer.

Always On

Enabling this option will allow the Header Carousel to display continuously on the page, once you've scrolled past the header on the page, without having to scroll up.

The Sidebar widget appears between the first ad and the sticky sidebar ad on your site.

Inline Widget

The inline widget will appear in line with the rest of your blog's content. If you have a recipe card embedded within your post, it will appear above it so your most valuable content is at the end of the post.

If there is no recipe card present, the recommended content will appear at the very end of the post to encourage readers to stay on your site and keep reading.

If there is a Create List present on your post, the inline recommended content widget will also appear at the bottom of your post.

It's important to note that it will take some time for the Recommended Content engine to learn your site.

Excluding Posts/Pages

Looking for ways to exclude certain posts or pages from showing up within your Recommended Content widgets? We now have that option too. Check out how to do exclude posts/pages here! We also have a great blog post that goes into those details.

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