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Help with Trellis by Mediavine
Help with Trellis by Mediavine

Built for speed. For content creators. For the future.

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Please click below to access the Trellis Themes Help Center.

Trellis is an open source WordPress theme framework, built with modern web technologies and designed for both site speed and revenue optimization. It utilizes the best practices from the modern era.

Right out of the gate, Trellis is able to employ all of Google’s best practices for web development, without the technical debt of supporting years of themes built on it.

Trellis is also designed for Mediavine publishers.

Trellis uniquely combines many aspects that typically fall under plugins. In a sense, you can think of it as multiple plugins rolled into one.

And now, thanks to the Trellis Images, which is included in your Trellis API, Trellis can also optimize your images and serve next-gen webp versions of your photos.

To apply for the Trellis beta, please complete this interest form.

For more information on getting your site ready for Trellis, check out this blog post!

Please click below to access the Trellis Themes Help Center.

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