Note: As of June 2021, we recommend disabling the Outstream Mobile Adhesion Video in favor of the Universal Video Player. It outperforms the Mobile Adhesion Video while retaining the benefits to user experience. Learn more here.

Mediavine's video offering is ever-expanding. We are always looking for ways to help you earn more, while also maintaining the highest user experience.

If you have been looking for ways to add high-paying video CPMs while keeping user experience on mobile devices top of mind, we have a solution!

The Outstream Mobile Adhesion is a video ad that will play in the adhesion space on mobile and compete in the auction with your standard mobile display adhesion unit. It does not require you to have your own video content.

The Outstream Mobile Adhesion is a great way to boost your ad earnings if you ...

  • Do not currently have any videos uploaded to the Mediavine dashboard

  • Have videos uploaded but are hesitant to autoplay on mobile

  • Do not currently have a Featured Video playing

The Outstream Mobile Adhesion is a great way to improve user experience if ...

  • You are not crazy about the sticky video player on mobile, but are hesitant to let go of those $$$ video earnings

  • You don't love the Featured Video autoplaying on mobile

How to Enable the Outstream Mobile Adhesion

In your Mediavine dashboard visit Settings > Ad Settings and then scroll down to the Adhesion Units.

Toggle on the option to ENABLE the Mobile/Tablet Video Adhesion.


You might notice a little warning ⚠️ when you enable the Outstream Mobile Adhesion unit. The warning explains a little more \about our recommendations. We do not recommend having BOTH Mobile / Tablet Video Adhesion and Autoplay First Mobile Video enabled for optimal user experience.

A warning will also appear in your Video Settings while both are enabled.


  • Take a look at your Adhesion Close Button Setting. Whatever you have selected here will apply to all adhesion units, including the Outstream Mobile Adhesion, so consider user experience as well as earnings potential, and select the setting that you think is best.

❗️Don't forget to save your settings before you leave the page! ❗️

  • Take a quick look at your Video Settings.


For the best user experience, we recommend DISABLING Autoplay First Mobile Video if you have the Outstream Mobile Adhesion enabled.

Intended Behavior and Expectations

With the Outstream Mobile Adhesion unit enabled, you should expect:

  • No change to any desktop adhesion unit behavior

  • An Outstream Video Ad in the adhesion space on mobile when it wins the auction, and the regular display mobile adhesion when it does not.

  • If you chose the recommended settings, you will not have a Featured Video that autoplays on mobile. Embedded Videos will be click to play on mobile.

There can be earnings and RPM implications with the Outstream Mobile Adhesion. You are still serving high paying ads with high paying video CPMs, but CPMs for Outstream are a bit less than pre-roll video ads. We think the trade off for user experience is well worth it, but you will want to monitor your dashboard closely after implementing any change, and adjust according to your own goals and preferences.

Not sure what's the best choice for you? Reach out to our Support Team at so we can help!

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