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How Images in Your Content Can Increase Earnings
How Images in Your Content Can Increase Earnings

Readers are visual and images keep them engaged! But how many is too many? When should you add more? Read on to learn all about it.

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Ready to increase CPMs and Impressions? Of course you are! This article is part of our Sweet Land of Money Series. Journey through our top tips and tricks on how to increase earnings.

Images add value for your readers and keep them engaged with your site. In the Sweet Land of Money we are always working on both sides of the revenue equation:


Images are going to help you increase the number of impressions you are serving, but WITHOUT cranking up the actual frequency that you adjusted on Day 1.

The longer your readers are scrolling, the easier they are to monetize, and the more chances you have to capture them for return visits!

Great images can go a long way.

To evaluate images in your posts, head back to the Top Pages section in your Mediavine dashboard. Keep them sorted by traffic, greatest to least so that you can start with the posts seeing the bulk of your readers.

Open the first 3 posts and use developer tools to view them on mobile. Most of your readers are probably on mobile devices, so it is always important to mimic your most common reader's experience.

Scroll through the posts and look for little details that can affect the number of impressions you are serving such as:

  • left or right aligned images that are text wrapped

  • images that are not the full width of your content container (very common in older posts!)

  • images that have text immediately after with no hard return in-between

Since in-content ads are placed based on a frequency that accounts for the length of your content as well as the width of the device, adding length to a post is an easy way to increase impressions and also add value for your readers.


  • Do I have additional images for this post that I can easily edit and add?

  • Will those images add more visual interest and more value for your readers?

  • Are stock images a good fit?

  • Can I edit the existing photos to add a few additional size variations?

  • Can I crop the existing photos differently to give the reader a new perspective?

  • Would adding text or creating a "pinnable" image for the body of the post be useful?

🍫 Resizing older, smaller images, or changing up images with text that wraps them is the easiest place to start. It's not a huge time investment and will lengthen your post content.

🍫 If you have images with text butted right up against them (no space between the image and the text), simply hitting the return key solves that problem.

🍫 Edit Top Posts or pages that could use more images to help teach or tell your story

🍫 Add a vertical "pinnable" image to lengthen your post and increase opportunities to market it.

🍫 Have an eye on the flow and page layout. It is important for SEO to lead with text and not an image, but giving your reader visual aids early in the post is important for engagement. make sure that your images and text are spaced in a way that makes the most sense.


If you add images, be sure that you check your posts by adding
?test=houseads or ?test=placeholders to the end of the URL after editing. View each post you have edited on mobile again.

Revisit your Advanced In-Content Settings from Day 1 and be sure they are still working well with your post edits and format.

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