What is Grow.me?

Grow.me is a powerful bookmarking tool that is currently in beta. There are TON of features that are available RIGHT NOW that you can enable simply in your dashboard. Head to your Dashboard > Settings > Grow (Beta).


Allow Grow.me to power search features on your site, both as an option in the Grow.me widget and powering your native search box on your site.

The search icon is a feature that doesn't require a reader to be logged in (although - that is the goal!). Clicking this will pull up a search area to quickly search for posts on a site.

A reader can click on the results to view the post, but can also bookmark or share straight from the search results.

You can read more about the options and how to enable here.

Recommended Content

The benefit of enabling these widgets is that the content that is being recommended will display personalized content that will give users a better browsing experience and encourage them to authenticate and consent to personalized advertisements. This is the point of Grow.me - to gather first party data!

These Recommended Content widgets will display content from your site that the user will most likely read based on their favorites, shares and content they’ve clicked on previously from recommendation widgets. The hope is that by offering them additional posts to read it will increase the time spent on your site, which in turn will increase your earnings.

Essentially, Grow.me uses machine learning, which is optimized to finding what a user is most likely to click on based on the page they're browsing. Often, that might be relevant to the post they're currently on, but often it's not.

You can read more about the placement options available here. We also have a great blog post that goes into more details!

Create Recipes and How To Integrations

This setting allows for a quick and easy way for your readers to save the post to their Grow.me bookmarks by using the Grow.me save button in your Create recipe and how to cards!

More information about this awesome setting can be found here! You can read about how to integrate this setting with WPRM here.

Spotlight Subscribe Widget

This will allow your readers to sign up for your newsletter while also prompting them to log in to Grow.me. Read more about why this is a great setting to enable in this awesome blog post!

More information about how to set this up can be found here.

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