(This feature is currently in Beta)

We're so excited to unveil a brand new Grow feature, Click to Subscribe! This feature will allow you to place a code on your site that will display a pop-up subscribe widget.

Step 1: Enable the Click to Subscribe Setting in your Dashboard

If not done already, you will need to enable Spotlight Subscribe in your Grow settings in order to unlock this feature. From there, you can add a new subscribe widget or use a widget that already exists and copy the Click to Subscribe code. (The image below is just an example. You will have your own unique code to copy.)

Step 2: In Wordpress, Navigate to Appearance → Menu

Step 3: Make Sure CSS Classes is Enabled under "Screen Options"

Once you navigate to Menus, scroll to the top of your page and click into "Screen Options." From here you'll want to make sure that CSS Classes is selected via the checkbox.

Step 4: Add A Custom Link to your Menu

For the URL field, please input #subscribe. For the link text you can input whatever you would like to show on your Menu. For an example, you can write Subscribe so that the word "Subscribe" will appear as a menu item on your site:

Finally, click "Add to Menu".

Step 5: Add a CSS Class

You'll next want to navigate to the custom link menu section. Once here, you'll want to add the class that is provided for you under the Click to Subscribe section in your Grow settings, to the CSS Class field. This will trigger the pop-up subscribe form for Grow once you click the link in your menu.

Scroll to the bottom and click "Save Menu". You should now see a new Menu option on your site - yay!

Here is a video that will walk you through the steps:

Other ways to use this feature:

While we built this with the subscribe button in the menu in mind, it could be used for images and other buttons on your site as well.

If you want to add Click to Subscribe to an image, click on the image itself and go to the Advanced section on the right hand side of the screen:

Scroll all the way to the bottom and place the Click to Subscribe class under the Additional CSS class(es) section:

Tada! Now you should see a pop-up subscribe widget when a user clicks your photo. Keep in mind that anywhere you are able to insert the CSS class, you'll be able to trigger the subscribe form!

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