Note: This feature is coming soon, but as of August 2021, InView is in a closed beta. If you'd like apply as an InView beta tester, just fill out this form!

Mediavine is constantly creating new technology to help increase your earnings. We are so excited to announce Mediavine InView!

What is InView?

InView lengthens the height of the CLS ad box, and makes your in-content ads temporarily "sticky" as the reader scrolls.

The sticky behavior improves viewability, which is an extremely important metric that advertisers use to decide how to spend on your site. Higher viewability leads to higher CPMs and more money in your pocket! $$

How do I get started?

To enable InView, just go to Settings > Ad Settings > Optimize for Core Web Vitals > Inview

Is it a separate ad unit?

No. InView improves the viewability of your existing in-content ads, and the earnings for it will be under "content" in your dashboard.

Settings Considerations

There are some settings considerations for mobile InView. First, you'll need to enable Optimize ads for CLS to activate the ad box.

With InView, there will be a few automatic adjustments made to other settings to ensure all sticky elements work together on the screen.

  • The widget will change to a vertical orientation, and it will appear in the default bottom right corner.

  • The sticky mobile video will automatically move to the bottom left corner. This position is required when InView is enabled. The option to change the position will be grayed out.

Will InView work on all themes?

Mobile InView may not work with all themes, and we recommend thoroughly checking out your mobile site after enabling it.

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