What is Grow.me

Grow.me is a user engagement framework developed to help generate first-party relationships and data. Grow.me is built as a personalized browsing experience for your audience. It’s going to offer real value, encourage readers to log in to save their favorites, build recipe boxes, share content, and everything else they’ll love.

Without third-party cookies, advertisers are going to rely on your first-party data to help them identify potential customers - which Grow.me allows you to collect.

Feature Questions

Recommended Content:

  • Can I prevent certain posts/pages from displaying? Yes! We released the ability to exclude posts/pages from displaying in your Recommended Content.

  • Why is it showing an old image? We don't have a way to manually refresh the images that pull in the Recommended Content widget, but we do have automatic refreshes. Pages will be automatically refreshed depending on their age.

    You should see the images update over time using the timeline below:

    • pages created 3 days and newer are refreshed once a day

    • pages created between 3 and 30 days ago are refreshed once every 3 days

    • pages created longer than 30 days ago are refreshed once every 30 days.

  • I don't like what posts are showing - what can I do? Since Grow.me uses AI, it takes a while for the technology to learn your site. Over time, the recommendations will get better. It's also important to note that Recommended Content is not Related Content - more about that here!

Search/Site Search Integration:

  • Why is the image not showing correctly? When it comes to images in search, those are coming from Google Search API. Because we pull those search results and images from what Google is showing, it would be necessary to wait for Google to re-crawl those pages in order to show an updated image.

  • It doesn't seem to work - I just get a spinning circle? We've discovered that this has been happening intermittently, usually late at night (EST time!) due to some limitations with the Google Search API, which currently powers Grow.me Search.

    We are looking into a new search provider that should help with this. No timeline yet for that, but our team is working on this for sure. Keep an eye on our blog for a future announcement.

  • I turned on Site Search Integration, but it's still my site's native search? No worries! The first thing to note is that Grow.me has to load on the page for the search integration to work. Since Grow.me is lazy loaded, try scrolling down the page until you see the widget populate.

    If after Grow.me is loaded on your site and you're still not seeing the Grow.me search, you'll want to send us an email and we'll be happy to take a look.

Spotlight Subscribe:

  • Can I move the Spotlight Subscribe widget? Not right now! We've done testing and the current placement of the widget has shown the best conversions.

  • What size photo should I use? Size doesn't matter, but it should be 1x1 aspect ratio.

  • Is there a way to automatically send subscriber emails to my email service provider (ESP) instead of downloading and adding them manually? This is something that is in development! We're working on an integration with Zapier to make this a seamless process.

    Misc. Questions

  • I only want to run the Recommended Content or Spotlight Subscribe and not the main widget, can I do that?In order to run any of the Grow.me features, you will also have to run the main Grow.me widget. The widget is the backbone of Grow.me and first party data. Since first party data is the whole driving force behind Grow.me, the main widget wouldn't be an optional feature.

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