We are very excited to announce that Grow is now integrated with Zapier! The Zapier integration will allow users to connect their Zapier accounts to the Mediavine Dashboard and the Grow Spotlight Subscribe Widget.

Steps to Connect Zapier and Set up the Trigger:

First things first, if you haven't already, sign up for a free Zapier account, from there you can jump right in! (If you're looking to bypass setting up your own Zaps, you can check out our pre-made Zaps here)

Once you're logged in, you're faced with your Zapier Dashboard. You'll want to click "Make a Zap" to get started.

Click the button in the left corner that says Make a Zap.

In the search bar for "Step 1. Trigger" you’ll want to search for and select Grow.

Choose New Subscription as the Trigger Event. Press the blue Continue button.

If this is your first time setting up the connection, you will need to sign into Grow:

After clicking "Sign in to Grow" You will see a pop-up that brings you to sign in to your Mediavine Dashboard to finish logging in.

You will also be asked to grant permission the first time you connect Grow and your Mediavine Dashboard.

Choose your Grow account that is associated with your email and press Continue.

Next, you will set up the trigger. From the dropdown, choose your Site and click Continue.

You’re almost finished! Finally, you’ll want to test your trigger. Press the blue Test trigger button.

Confirm your subscription and press Continue. You've successfully connected your Grow Dashboard to Zapier and added a Trigger!

Setting up an Action:

Once Grow is connected to Zapier, you can set up an action using your ESP.

Search for the ESP that you use! Once you select your ESP, you can choose an Action Event. Such as adding the subscriber to a particular segment of your list.

From there, you will log into your account that is associated with your ESP. What this entails could be a bit different for each ESP. Depending on the ESP, it may ask for more information, such as a Secret API key.


  • Why am I not seeing an option in the site drop-down?

    • It's likely because it was an admin account that didn't have a record associating the user with the site.

  • What does the CSV download area look like when Zapier is pulling emails in? Will the CSV download still accumulate all of the subscribers?

    • There will be no effect on the CSV. It will function as it does currently.

  • Can’t see your subscribers right away?

    • Please double-check whether or not you have double-opt-ins enabled. If you connect your zap to your ESP and have double opt-ins enabled for that form, only a small % of your subscribers will make it to your list right away (your reader will have to confirm/ opt-in first).

  • What if my users have a question about the Zapier product, their workflows, or our integration?

    • Having a public integration on Zapier means our mutual users get supported by Zapier's world-class support team. If your having issues with your Zaps, reach out to Zapier via their contact page: https://zapier.com/app/contact-us

  • Does Zapier Cost Money?

    • Grow and it's integration with Zapier is free to Mediavine publishers. Zapier, however, is a third-party service that has a free starter plan, but depending on your usage, you may have to pay for Zapier.

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