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Google MCM : What you need to know
Google MCM : What you need to know

Learn more about the switch to Google's new Multiple Customer Management Product

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When we onboard a site to work with us here at Mediavine, after several rounds of internal review, our next stop is always to have every publisher approved by Google.

Google is one of Mediavine's most valuable and essential partners, and without a Google approval we can't work together on a site.

Prior to July 2021, Google's approval was handled through their Scaled Partner Management System (SPM). MCM is Google's SPM replacement, and the transition is required for all publishers. Our job is to help make that transition as seamless as possible.

What IS MCM?!!!!!!

It's basically just a system switch. If you've been with Mediavine for awhile, you may remember that during the onboarding process, we sent out a link from Google for you to fill out with your name, address, email, etc. That was the application for Mediavine to manage your ads under the old SPM system.

MCM is more or less the same thing, but it simplifies and consolidates some details on Google's end.

What do I need to do?

For existing Mediavine customers, while we work to switch you all over to the new system, when it's your turn to onboard to the MCM system, you will see this modal in your Mediavine dashboard:

>>> You'll need to either enter the email address associated with your AdSense account OR

>>> If you've never had an AdSense account, you can check the box that says "This email is already affiliated with AdSense / I do not have an AdSense account". Then enter the email address associated with your Mediavine account. This option will use the email address we have on file.

Submitting this form will prompt an email from Google, so now you need to check the email address you entered!

The emailed form from Google expires so be sure to fill it out ASAP.


It's okay! Don't fret.

It has been a LOOOOOOOONG time since some of you even thought about your AdSense accounts. If you aren't sure what to enter, just take your best guess.

When you submit, you'll still get the email from Google to the address you provided. Fill it out and if they find another email address associated they will reach out to let you know.

Currency and Time Zone Questions

Some of the questions you'll be asked during the MCM sign up process can be a little confusing. Two of those questions are about time zone and currency.

  • Enter the time zone you are in - this does not affect your analytics!

  • Enter your local currency - this does not at all affect how you are paid by Mediavine. Nothing about that will change.


Most of the time this is no big deal. The majority of disapproved accounts are just duplicates that need to be sorted out. Log in to and you will have options on how to handle the duplicated account - the goal is for each publisher to ONLY HAVE ONE.

Still stuck? Have another issue? We can help! Just email so that we can assist.

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