Say hello to What's Next for Grow!

What's Next is a new mobile feature that will show readers suggested content, encouraging them to click to the next article.

what's next highlighted on a phone

What’s Next will officially replace the Mobile Carousel on September 28, 2021. Why you might ask? It's not only a better user experience, but it's proven to have a dramatic increase of clicks.

On average, readers were 70% more likely to click on articles from What’s Next compared to the multiple options presented in the Mobile Carousel.

The good news is, if you’re currently running the carousel on mobile, we will enable What’s Next automatically for you. No action needed on your end!

You should now see these options in your Grow Settings:

What about desktop? We are still seeing the Carousel perform very well, so it will remain for desktop users at this time.

What’s Next is a mobile solution only for now.

That said, we strongly encourage you to enable Inline Content Recommendation. This produces the highest CTR by a wide margin, and will have the largest impact on your traffic.

TLDR; What's Next is replacing the Mobile Header Carousel only. Desktop Header Carousel will remain an option in your Grow Settings.

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