Below are some frequently asked questions about the Subscribe Manual Placement feature!

Where can I find this option?

In your Grow Settings, you'll want to scroll down all the way to the bottom to Spotlight Subscribe Widget. Click the dropdown arrow of any of your widgets to see more options:

Then, scroll down and find the Manual Placement code:

Note: This code will be different for each specific widget.

Why is my widget not being shown exactly where I placed it?

If you place the subscribe widget before the first initial screenview, it will revert to automatic placement due to CLS. Be sure to place it below the fold!

Am I able to have my default widget AND a manually placed widget in the same post?


Let's go over some scenarios:

Scenario 1 - Display Default Widget only

You're all set - no need to create any additional widgets

Scenario 2 - Display Default Widget and Manually Placed Widget(s)

Under the Advanced options for both the Default Widget and the Manually Placed widget, toggle on the Allow Default Widget option. You MUST have this option enabled for both types of widgets - Default and Additional Widgets.

Scenario 3 - Display Manually Placed Widget(s) only

Under the Advanced options for the Manually Placed widget, toggle off the Allow Default Widget option.

Can I place a Manually Placed widget in my sidebar?

Yes! Go to Appearance > Widgets then select the Custom HTML widget. Use the code in your Mediavine Dashboard as the HTML code for this widget. Then you're all set!

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