Exclusive Content is a feature that allows you to lock specific articles, recipes, images, printables, etc., behind a Grow login page.

Enabling Exclusive Content

This feature is different than other Grow features, in that it’s not something you can just turn on. You will need to go into your post editor to actually block the content that will be locked behind the Exclusive Content feature.

There are two ways to implement Exclusive Content on your website

  • By adding a CSS class to an element on your website
    This is the best way to lock images or PDF's as well as Create Cards.
    You can find the help article on how to add CSS here.

  • By manually placing the Grow Exclusive Content widget code into the HTML editor of your site.
    This is the preferred method for locking a whole page, a block of text, or multiple blocks of content.
    Manual placement is also the method to use if you are not using Gutenberg with Wordpress.
    You can find the help article on how to manually place the Grow Exclusive Content widget here.

Once this is set up and enabled you'll be on your way to adding more subscribers to your email list!

✨ Important Note on Size Requirements:

The area you are trying to lock needs to be tall enough so that the Grow widget has space to cover it. We recommend the element being 500px in height or higher.

If you are trying to lock a single button or a very short image, it won’t work.

In this case, you’ll want to add an additional image to create some more space, and then GROUP those blocks together in WordPress and apply the CSS code to the GROUPED block.

To group blocks together in WordPress, hold down the shift key while selecting them, and then choose the “Group Blocks” option.

How Does Exclusive Content Flow for a Reader?

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