Trust us when we say that these features that will take your Spotlight Subscribe to the next level.

Read below to learn more about Multiple Widgets, Manual Widget Embed, Click to Subscribe, Name Fields, Conversion URL and Widget in Export, and Multi-Language Support.

Multiple Widgets

One of our most requested features has come to life: The ability to create multiple different Subscribe Widgets.

Creating more than one Subscribe Widget allows you to place a customized Subscribe geared toward the type of content a user is reading.

At this time, we have one default widget that is automatically placed for you. In the future, we’ll be adding the ability for WordPress publishers to target by category.

Here is where you can add new widgets in your Dashboard:

Manual Widget Embed

Under the drop down menu of each widget you create, you’ll see an embed code, which you can use to manually place a Subscribe Widget wherever you’d like on a post or page.

You will take that HTML code and paste inside any CMS, WordPress or otherwise.

This feature allows you to customize specific placements within your content! Want more? Check out this article for Manual Placement FAQs.

Click to Subscribe

With Click to Subscribe you can now make a button, link, or image that will trigger a Subscribe pop-up widget. Need a visual? Check out the image below!

click to subscribe in action on food fanatic

Here are specific instructions on how to implement Click to Subscribe on your site.

Name Fields

That's right! You can now include a name field in your Subscribe widget, required OR optional. To find those features, you'll want to go to the Advanced section of your widget:

The name field will then be available in both Zapier and the CSV download for inclusion in your subscriber list for more personalized greetings.

Conversion URL and Widget in Export

This new feature can be found in the CSV when you download it from your Dashboard. You will now be able to see which Subscribe Widget your reader signed up for, or even from which page.

Both the widget and URL that readers subscribed from have been added to the Zapier API and CSV download, ensuring that you can create advanced rules inside your ESP to target or segment your audience.

Multi-Language Support

Last but not least, you are now able to translate each of your widgets into multiple languages.

Under the Advanced section, you'll see a button that says "Edit Languages", which will take you to this screen:

From there, you can add new languages like German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Swedish.

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